MENTHA was founded in 1955. MENTHA is named after its founder, Jacques Mentha, former president of the Geneva Bar Association.

MENTHA’s lawyers advise and represent a Swiss and international clientele made up of individuals and companies, SMEs and large companies. They regularly collaborate with foreign lawyers to provide assistance to their clients in Switzerland and abroad.



MENTHA‘s lawyers have profiles that allow them to meet the needs of a Swiss and international clientele, made up of individuals, SMEs and large companies.

MENTHA‘s lawyers benefit from additional training, specialist diplomas or solid experience acquired in financial institutions or international law firms.

MENTHA‘s lawyers all speak at least two languages and most of them have acquired this language knowledge during extended stays abroad.

The languages spoken are French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and Turkish.

MENTHA‘s lawyers are particularly well integrated in the local environment and that of an international Geneva, in particular by assuming the positions of deputy judges, in university education, or in elective mandates.